Things we've never done in life!

Posted September 12th, 2012

You wouldn't believe the conversations that arise around the Loaf lunch table once a week.

Aside from 'fessing up to the latest keyboard breakage with hot coffee, some rather interesting tales have popped up of late. Thus has begun our lunchtime game of 'I have never'.

Lydia had never seen a Bond film up until last week. Our Emily has never cooked a Sunday lunch and Shirin has never eaten a steak. South African Tamsyn has never made it onto a safari.

As for me, I have never been on a rollercoaster. My wife says it's because I'm a woose. My excuse is that I've never been to a theme park before.

If you've also got some corkers then please do share them with us - you can tweet us @thesleeproom or send an email to [email protected]. We might just discover some more things that we have to add to the list.


Charlie & The Loafers