Tinker, Tailor… Dazzler Maker

Posted April 3rd, 2014

Meet Roy. Seventy-six years young, he cuts the fabric that adorns our beautiful beds up in Long Eaton in Derbyshire.

Amid the machinists who sew at a rate of knots and the chaps who sand down sofa legs to their exact measurements by sight alone, it's pretty hard to stand out in Long Eaton. But after fifty-four years of cutting fabric, it's safe to say that Roy's the best in the biz.

He actually gave retirement a whirl about ten years ago but missed making beds so much that he came back to work! In our book that's the very definition of a Loafer for Life.

Roy, we salute you!

Charlie & the Loafers x

PS Congratulations to Vicky, winner of our Birds & Bees competition!