We'll let you in on a secret...

Posted April 21st, 2016

When I was a teenager someone told me never to trust someone in two-tone shoes. Which seems a bit odd because these days the right pair can be seriously cool.

So I was very conscious when we were working on our latest two-toned furniture collection that we had to get it absolutely right. I'm pretty chuffed with the finished articles and think it's only fair I let you in on our (not so) secret recipe...

1. Pick characterful planks of reclaimed fir recovered from old doors and floors
2. Transform them into beautiful shapes
3. Stir up one part chalky grey paint with two parts water
4. Brush on the light grey wash to some parts, leaving the natural wood in others
5. Finish off with a nice set of vintage-y metal knobs

I hope the teenage me would have liked these as much as I do now!


Charlie & the Loafers x