What's perfectly imperfect?

Posted June 18th, 2015

When I first went to northern Portugal in search of beautiful ceramics I wanted to solve a problem which had been bugging me for a while: how to create something by hand which is also dishwasher proof?

The special wonky edges of our Wobbler range ended up being individually painted and then dipped in one of our versatile Loaf glazes for a perfectly imperfect look I love.

And unlike many ceramics, they are baked using a technique called 'high firing' which means they are cooked at 1100 degrees. This slightly melts the clay which makes it incredibly durable and (wait for it…) fit for a dishwasher!

So there you have it. Spruce up your table with a little wibbly wobbly here.

Dig in!


Charlie and the Loafers x