What's the quirkiest thing you can't travel without?

Posted August 8th, 2013

I recently went on a “sleeping holiday”. This took the form of three days away without any children in tow where the goal was to get some good kip.

I arrived at the hotel, my Loaf pillow under one arm and my suitcase in the other, only to be greeted with some very nonplussed looks. I’d failed to appreciate that insisting on my own pillow was a bit of a diss. And it wasn't the first time I have done this: I always take my own pillow.

This got me thinking that what is perhaps normal for me is not the norm for others. My dad always takes a penknife and bits of string on holiday with him “just in case”. As you do.

Is my family a bit weird or do you find there are certain things you just can't travel without?

Do tell us what quirky little things you simply can't leave behind and we'll give one lucky winner a set of our gorgeous bed linen of their choice (and we'll throw in a couple of Loaf pillows too!). The quirkiest answer wins!

Pop your answers to [email protected], post it on our Facebook page or Tweet us using #canttravelwithout by 12th August 2013 and we'll announce the winning answer here the next day.

Happy sleeping,

Charlie & the Loafers x