When is a sale silly?

Posted August 15th, 2012

I recently went into a showy bathroom shop looking for a basin for our house. On the way in they had a rather tattered sign saying "SILLY SALE!" next to a few items they were discontinuing. Chastened by the exorbitant prices of everything else in there I gave this sale area my attention. And five minutes later I was the proud owner of a £900 sink for the princely sum of eighty quid. I was very pleased with myself. And it got me thinking about the word "sale".

I'm a bit of an oddball when it comes to sales. They were traditionally created so retailers could offload any unsold stock before bringing in a new range. Somehow over the years that's been distorted by the majority who inflate their prices for some of the year and then offer a heavy discount at sale time.

I don't like it. It seems like a mug's game where it's not clear what the true value of something is. It's not a "sale" at all. But thankfully our customers at The Sleep Room are more like me and appreciate that we don't do these kinds of sales (soon to be called Loaf as we change our name in October!). Instead we try to offer our products at the lowest possible price all year round whilst allowing us a reasonable profit for our endeavours.

But from time to time, like the above-mentioned bathroom shop, we need to make way in our warehouse for new collections and are happy to sell off items for next to nothing in order to create space. We've put some silly prices on our Clearance page to make way for the new. So if you or anyone you know wants something for a song, have a look now before everything disappears. Once it's gone, it's gone! That may sound silly, but it's a proper sale.


Charlie & The Loafers.