Who's the daddy now?

Posted November 21st, 2013

Everyone has a moment where they think, "Oh god, I've turned into my parents." It happened to me recently.

There I was one lunch break near Loaf HQ, leaning against my car, swigging on a bottle of Orangina, tucking into a scrummy sausage sandwich from the local café and reading the Evening Standard. 

Reflected in the window I spied a bloke doing exactly the same thing: same drink, same sarnie, identical paper and a not too dissimilar car. And lo and behold it was my actual dad – I’m not sure which one of us I feel more sorry for!

Talking of similarities, have you seen our new Daddy Zinc table? It’s the newly updated reincarnation of our mega-popular Zinc table. It really is the daddy!

What trait have you inherited from your mum or dad? Let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us using #helpimturningintomyparents.


Charlie & the Loafers x