Why is furniture like food?

Posted September 21st, 2012

Before launching our furniture business I had a soup factory for 8 years. We used to make lovely things for the likes of Pret and Pizza Express. The one thing I learnt was that it was all about the ingredients: get those right and you were onto a winner.

So we apply the same ethos to furniture where the ingredients are both the materials and the craftsmen themselves. We only work with like-minded people who refuse to cut corners and love what they do. You can see some of their stories here.

Speaking of food, there's quite a bit of decent street food round Portobello where we work. Below is a round-up of our current faves - do give them a go if you're in the area. Have a butchers below!

Churros & Chocolate - Ok, so I know it's not exactly one of your five a day, but a cheeky churro dipped in melted chocolate sets the day up a treat.

Jamon Jamon - Make sure you're front of the line when the first giant pan of paella gets served up at 11:45!

Spinach & Agushi - I go nuts for this stew. Make it a large or you'll be dreaming about your next fix for days.

Happy Vegetarian - Freshly made while you wait, these falafels are seriously good. We haven't found a contender yet!


Charlie & The Loafers