Posted January 16th, 2018

We were astonished by the avalanche of entries that arrived for our WIN A SOFA FOR A FRIEND competition. There are clearly more people in need of #SofaRehab then we realised!

Luckily they have friends who are ready, willing and able to intervene. Like our winner Annemarie - who is so horrified by her friend's dodgy sofa that she refuses to park her bum on it. We think we can detect a genuine (if amusing) note of irritation here:

"Have you ever seen a grown woman with a giant bean bag shoved in her Fiat 500? No? Well that's me, every time I visit my friend."

Well done Annemarie! You've given your (remarkably thick-skinned) bestie a fresh start by bagging them the sofa of their choice. Whatever squish machine they choose, you'll soon be able to leave your bean bag at home.


The Loafers x