Made us smile!

Posted March 17th, 2015

We've been overwhelmed by all the entries to last week's #CookUpAStorm competition! There are a lot of special people out there who've gone a long way to help out friends and strangers.

It's been such a hard decision but in the end we plumped for Hannah Saad's story about her incredibly helpful neighbours. Congratulations Hannah! We hope you enjoy your £250 COOK vouchers. You can read the full story here...

"When my husband and I moved into our new house, it was a complete mess and needed lots of work. We met our neighbors who had lived on the road for over 20 years, and they were really happy to see a young couple moving in, and taking care of the house again.

We spent countless weekends sanding, painting and varnishing, and then turned our attention on the garden. After spending a few weeks clearing what felt like a mini forest, we ordered some turf for the lawn. The delivery men said they would deliver on Friday, and as both my husband and I were out at work, we asked our new neighbors if they wouldn't mind letting the delivery folks in, so the turf would be ready for us to lay on the Saturday.

After a long day at work my husband and I arrived at home - with a note on the table from our neighbors saying the turf had been delivered fine. We had dinner and went to bed, thinking we would have an early start on the garden the next day. When we woke in the morning we made our way out to the garden to start work, to discover a beautifully laid lawn glistening with morning dew. Our lovely new neighbors had laid our lawn for us as a surprise! It must have taken them hours to prep the ground and get it so perfect. As soon as we realised we ran round with a bottle of wine and card to say thank you, and it was the start of a great friendship from then on."


Charlie and the Loafers