Celeb spotting in Paris

Posted June 14th, 2010

Following our India trip, we went to Paris last week to check out some cool French beds. Before we post anything here about what we found, we have to admit how shallow we are as our heads were turned by a couple of celeb spots. First up was fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Here's what he normally looks like when "on duty".

But when we crossed paths in a cafe in the Marais, Karl was distinctly more low-key. Dressed casually in black T-shirt and jeans, he brought his outfit together with a simple "foulard" around the neck, a pair of shades, half a pint of Stella and a smoko.

Chloe was finding it hard to get the shot from a distance. So here's one of our Charlie next to the man himself.

And then there was Katie Price (aka Jordan) at the Gare du Nord train station ordering a coffee .

To be honest, we weren't sure if it was really her. So we took another photo.

And another.

And we still weren't sure. So we decided to mind our own business, jump on the Eurostar and stick to what we know best: talking about French beds.