Kids, Beds & Elderflower Cordial...

Posted April 2nd, 2009

Lots of people ask us if it's ok to bring their children over to the showroom. The answer is a huge "YES, PLEASE!"

Saturday mornings in particular are great fun as there are always a few little monsters leaping from bed to bed. Or even testing them in a more sedate manner like Maggie (pictured below trying to choose between our regular and firm mattress). And when they're bored of raising hell there's always some elderflower cordial and toys to keep them occupied for a bit before it's time for you to disappear off to the park or Westfield shopping centre -or anywhere else that's guaranteed to totally exhaust you on your weekend!

The result of all these visits by you and yours is that we're launching our new children's beds at the beginning of May. A lot of you have said that kids' beds by people like Aspace and The White Company are a bit flimsy, expensive and take ages to put together. And many of them all look a bit too "kiddy kiddy". So we've taken this on board and come up with a couple of upholstered numbers which look great, are easy to clean and strong enough to withstand the most serious of pillow fights. And there's even storage space underneath for dolls and Lego. We'll be sure to post photos here as soon as we have them at the end of April.