Loaf have bred

Posted July 23rd, 2013

Have you spotted our new print advert?

If you have, then you'll notice it's no longer just two people loafing around but four: Loaf have bred! And we've got a bit more colourful than the first advert too.

Since we launched almost 5 years ago, the Loaf family, our Charlie's family and our range of products have all grown a fair bit. So we decided our advert really ought to reflect this. And what better way to do that than get the family involved.

We got our Charlie's cheeky nephew and his friend to show us how little Loafers like to roll. Our Jess, Head of Order at Loaf HQ, a bit of a natural at loafing on our sofas, showed us how to get comfy (too much practice in the showroom?). And Charlie himself picked up a paper and got in to bed.

Oh and here are a few pics of us trying to give our production team ideas about how we like to loaf. Unfortunately some of them were not quite advert ready...