Our bed makers' best kept secret

Posted August 22nd, 2013

Our Charlie and Steve went to see our makers in Long Eaton yesterday to loaf around on our new sofas and beds launching in October. The lucky devils!

We sat at Loaf HQ silently wishing we were there too, when Charlie pinged us a picture of the real reason we were jealous.

They got to see Monty. The BIGGEST St Bernard we have ever met.

We send all our new Loafers to meet Monty and see where the bed making magic happens. And Monty would happily take us on a tour of his kingdom... if only he were allowed.

So with years of practice Monty has perfected this sad face to make us all feel terribly guilty when we leave him behind to watch the makers in action.

Monty old boy, you know how to break a Loafer's heart.