Sardines and the sex bomb!

Posted August 7th, 2013

Here's a little anecdote for the day from our Charlie:

"I love a good sardine. It was the first fish I ever caught. I ate cheap tinned ones a lot as a student. And I even went to a Sardine Fest in Portugal and watched a bald bloke singing Sex Bomb as 200 stalls fired up their charcoal grills.

So I was pretty intrigued to see a jaw-droppingly pricey £24 sardine sharing plate on the menu of a French restaurant the other day. It had to be pretty darn special to command such a price. So I ordered it. 

Imagine my surprise when the above tin of " deens" was placed on the table. I thought the waiter must have popped out to buy it at the corner shop! "C'est normale!" he assured me. They were nice. But they were still just sardines.

Perhaps I'm a yob and what I was actually eating was a rare culinary delicacy?"

Can anyone shed some light on his fishy conundrum?