The Loaf family business

Posted May 21st, 2013

Here at Loaf HQ we talk a lot about sleep. It’s like the family business.

“I slept so well”, “I really didn’t want to get out of bed”, “I really want to take a nap in one of the showroom beds RIGHT NOW”.  

Then we relay our dreams to each other like they’re an epic story and wonder why sometimes our audience isn’t as enthralled as we are? But by far our favourite topic is the weird things we do in our sleep. Among the Loafers we have sleep laughers, a few talkers, walkers, flyers and everyone knows one person who mistook the airing cupboard for the loo.

But we’re not alone. 30% of the UK population suffers from insomnia or another sleep disorder, which make our slumberous sports seem pretty tame in comparison. (Perhaps they just need a new bed?)

According to studies carried out in sleep clinics some of the most common weird things to do in your sleep are:

- Eating 

- Texting

- Stop breathing

- And exploding head syndrome (Google this one it’s odd!)

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in your sleep?