The Scandinavian Connection

Posted March 7th, 2011

Until now our only real connection with Norway had been the wonderfully-named Tront Undheim of Trondheim (yep - TRONT UNDHEIM OF TRONDHEIM -the joy of it!). He was an interesting chap we once met in Italy. He was annoyingly handsome and the ladies loved him. In fact everybody loved him. He claimed to know 1000 people in Naples after only 6 months (which turned out to be true). And he also said that when he was a kid in Norway some of his school classes during the dark winter days would be conducted in rooms with artificial sunlight. Which was nice.

Anyway, Tront aside, we received a lovely email from a customer in Norway last week who's just received their new Louis bed (above). Thank you for giving it a nice home. It looks really cosy in there.

And if you're out there Tront, blow that Scandi trumpet of yours and get in touch -we'd love to hear from you.