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Easy-going velvet sofas

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Our scrummy velvet sofas

Our velvet sofas are extra special. We have two gorgeous types including our Clever Velvet which has been specially developed so that marks can simply be brushed away easy-peasy. It has a lovely, slightly faded sheen to it. We also have our Plush Velvet - a classic, rich fabric that is made from a deeper pile so is super-duper luxurious. Both velvets come in a selection of gorgeous colours from blue, grey and green to burnt orange and lovely purples.

All of our velvet sofas come in loads of different sizes, from a snug 2 seater to a super-sized 4 seater and are available as corner sofas and sofa beds too! Plus we've got stacks of different styles to choose from. Take your pick from traditional, retro, contemporary or the classic chesterfield.

Come and have a play in our London showroom where our lovely Loafers are on hand to help. And if you decide you're not 100% happy, we'll be sad, but we'll refund you in full and take back the sofa for free as long as you let us know within the first 14 days. Easy.