The Long Eaton Sofa Story

The History

Long Eaton in Derbyshire has long been the centre for upholstery in England. Much of the town’s workforce is entirely focused on producing handmade furniture. And although a lot of the lower quality production has moved to other countries, the really good stuff has remained firmly in Britain. And it’s good value too. Even the exceptionally fresh fish and chips are a snip at £3.80p!

The People

The family behind our sofas are brothers who run the business their parents started over 30 years ago. Insanely knowledgeable about all things upholstered, they are also intelligent, affable and absolutely love design. Think you just discovered the latest sofa design by some hip young cat? They spotted it well before you!  Their production is a well-oiled machine and they are successful for a good reason: they work hard, refuse to cut any corners and make an exceptional product. No wonder they’re the manufacturer of choice for many of those £4000 sofas you see in posh London shops.