Bagel Bed Headboard Covers

Need an extra headboard cover for your Bagel bed? No problem. Choose from over 130 fabrics.

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  • £210

    Handmade to order & delivered in 4-5 weeks for £6

  • What you need to know

    Covers only

    This product includes one cover for our Bagel bed headboard. To buy our Bagel Bed in Light Oak, head here or in Dark Ash, head here.

    How to put it on

    Simply take your Bagel bed headboard and pop your new cover over the top of the one it came with. Top tip: If the fabric hooks are visible just tuck them in to the rear side of the cushion, underneath your new cover. (Some fold lines may be visible on the fabric when you first open the packaging, but fear not, these will drop out naturally in a couple of weeks.)

    Cover care

    See our upholstery care guide


    1-year guarantee on the covers

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