Look, Jute's here

Our new laid-back jute rugs are totally timeless no matter which one you choose. We've got Easy Jute for a classic look, Chunky Jute for a wider weave and Woolly Jute for an extra bit of squish.

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Chunky Jute Floor Rug in Dark Natural
Chunky Jute Rug

Wonderfully woolly

Are you a Pebble person or a Crofter? Pick our new Pebble rug for a soft and bobbly texture, or our new Crofter rug if a hand-woven herringbone is your kind of thing.

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Pebble Rug
Crofter in Grey

Snuggly shearling

Soft and snuggly, our new Shearer rug is shearling as it should be (try saying that ten times)

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Wobbly Shearer Rug
Shearer in Grey

Patterned rugs

Super squishy rugs

Rugs with character

Our tootsie-pleasing rugs are made the old-school way. We work with expert craftspeople to bring you handmade, hand-braided, hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs with plenty of character. Using traditional yarn, looms and natural materials like wool, sheepskin and jute, you can be sure each rug is one of a kind.

Whether you're looking for a large rug for your sitting room, a slim bedside rug, or a lovely woolly rug with a chunky knit, we've got oodles of textures, sizes and styles. Have a gander at our hardwearing (but surprisingly soft) jute rugs, our woolly wonders and our bobbly knotted rugs. Hopefully we've got just the squish you're looking for.