Tasty table lamps

Our laid-back table lamps are made using hand-blown glass or top-notch ceramics which are hand-dipped with a shiny glaze. Each one is a little bit different, just the way we like.

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Floor lamps with phwoar

We've made our floor lamps in blackened bronze and antique-y brass to give them a laid-back timeless look that's just right for the slow lane

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One Size Slam Dunk in Blackened Bronze Lamp in Rosewater Clever Vintage Linen with a Rosewater Clever Vintage Linen Shade
Hat Trick in Blackened Bronze with a Natural Hessian Shade

Stacks of shades

Help yourself to free lamp shade swatches to find your favourite colour

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Lighting to Loaf with

Give your home a Loafy lift with some of our lovely lighting. We've got all kinds of lamps to kick back and relax with, from wobbly hand-blown ones to hand-dipped ceramic ones, to scrummy standing lamps, fab floor lamps and little glass lamps for reading nooks.

Lots of our floor lamps come in timeless brass and blackened bronze for a had-it-ages look that doesn't get old. Have a gander at our different table lamp sizes too. We've got big ones for sideboards, medium ones for side tables and smaller ones for cosy spaces, all of them handmade to perfect imperfection.