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Cosy smells inspired by British nostalgia

Loaf Mix No.2

Smells like: 1 x Rainy Ramblings, 1 x Hiding in Hedgerows, 1 x Country Boozer, 1 x Making Marmalade 1 x Beekeeping, 1 x Christmas Eve

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Loaf Mix No.3

Smells like: 1 x Picking Blackberries, 1 x Granny's Garden, 1 x Country Boozer, 1 x Making Marmalade 1 x Beekeeping, 1 x Mowing Lawns

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Hiding in Hedgerows

Smells like: Jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossom. And a shriek of delight.

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Mowing Lawns

Smells like: Cut grass, green apple, rose. And a cucumber sandwich.

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Picking Blackberries

Smells like: Fresh blackberry, bramble, moss. And the promise of crumble.

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Rainy Ramblings

Smells like: Pine, eucalyptus, peppermint. And a hint of flushed cheek.

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Smells like: Honey, pollen, amber. And a nice buzz.

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Making Marmalade

Smells like: Seville oranges, limes, candied orange rind. And a hint of buttered toast.

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Granny's Garden

Smells like: Fig, rose, fresh grass. And never a harsh word.

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Country Boozer

Smells like: Orange peel, pine amber, wood smoke. And a barely detectable whiff of wet dog.

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Christmas Eve

Smells like: Fir tree, cedarwood, cinnamon. And a 5am wake-up call.

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Our lovely smelly stuff

Our laid back smelly stuff comes in oodles of shapes and sizes so you can give your home a Loafy lift. We've got smelly wax drops to pair with our colourful candle pot holders, smelly hand-filled wax candles and oil-filled smelly reed diffusers to help you spruce your space.