Smelly wax drops for candle pots Smelly wax drops for candle pots

Inspired by moments of British nostalgia

Loaf Mix No.1 Smelly Wax Drops

Remember working through your favourite album? Now you can do the same with this happy collection of nostalgic scents. But without the heartache.

Smells like: 1 x Country Boozer, 1 x Christmas Eve, 1 x Making Marmalade, 1 x Granny's Garden, 1 x Laundry Days & 1 x Summer Holiday

Loaf Mix No  1 Smelly Wax Drops box

Making Marmalade Smelly Wax Drops

Remember wondering why grown-ups always went for jam that tasted of bitter oranges rather than the really nice strawberry stuff?

Smells like:
Seville oranges, limes, candied orange rind. And a hint of buttered toast.

Making Marmalade smelly wax drops lit

Country Boozer Smelly Wax Drops

Remember dragging your feet on washed-out country walks? And how good it felt to flop on a sofa by a big log fire, clutching your packet of crisps?

Smells like:
Orange peel, pine amber, wood smoke.
And a barely detectable whiff of wet dog.

Country Boozer smelly wax drops tea lights

Christmas Eve Smelly Wax Drops

Remember being so excited you couldn't sleep? Aaah, the hustle and bustle of the longest (but bestest!) night of the year.

Smells like:
Fir tree, cedarwood, cinnamon.
And a 5am wake-up call.

Christmas Eve smelly wax drops tea lights box open

Granny's Garden Smelly Wax Drops

Remember that place where you could break all the rules and no one told you off? Except when you trampled on the flower bed. Heaven forbid.

Smells like:
Fig, rose, fresh grass.
And never a harsh word.

Granny s Garden smelly wax drops box

Laundry Days Smelly Wax Drops

Remember being made to "help" hang out the washing? Your folding technique raised eyebrows, but you earned full marks for effort.

Smells like:
Fresh cotton, laundry powder, sandalwood.
And a dash of pocket money.

Laundry Days smelly wax drops box open

Summer Holiday Smelly Wax Drops

Remember holidays when you'd badger your parents for daily ice cream? Here's to stripey deckchairs, stroppy British seagulls and sandy sandwiches.

Smells like:
Fresh salt air, coconut, sandalwood.
And a fair to middling chance of sunshine.

Summer Holiday smelly wax drops box open

Candle pots

Lovely holders for our smelly wax drops