A bit of rug torture

Posted October 24th, 2013

When I told our rug-making guys in Varanasi that I was after a vintage, lived-in look I knew they'd nail it. "Ah," said head honcho Amit. "We'll burn it. And then we'll wash it." As you do.

We've come to think of this clever process as a bit of well-intentioned rug torture! 

Once the hand-dyed wool's been woven on pit looms, the rugs are put through the ringer. Well, they're burnt with a blowtorch, brushed, scrubbed and washed to within an inch of their lives.

The result? Loafy rugs that look great in the home and fit in like they've been there for yonks.

Fresh from the loom, we've just added three new rugs to the range. Newbies Knotty, Cinnabar and Sails. Have a gander here.


Charlie & the Loafers x