What's smooth tough and really, really good-looking?

Posted March 26th, 2015

I was recently on the lookout for new materials to use on our kitchen tables…and came across this fancy stuff called Béton Ciré. It's a kind of bendy concrete resin which was apparently used by the US navy for coating the decks of aircraft carriers. So it's pretty tough, but it's also lightweight, wipeable and incredibly tactile. And sitting on it won't give you chilblains.

In fact one of my fellow Loafers here was so besotted that he coated his entire bathroom in the stuff!

So we made an oak kitchen table and bench with it on the top (see above photo). They're called Conker and Budge and are already proving a hit. Do have a look here or pop by our showroom to cop a feel.

Go nuts!


Charlie & the Loafers x