One small step...

Posted May 13th, 2014

Well! After overwhelming response from our Gandys competition (you guys have set foot in some pretty weird places!), we have chosen two responses that stood out in particular.

The question was: what's the strangest place you've ever set foot in?

First up, Clare's voyage on a rather unusual jet plane in the Ukraine...

"I had a group of English Tour Operators with me and we had to charter a jet to get to a remote place. We got on board the jet to find flock wall paper, shag pile carpet and instead of airline seats there were sofas bolted to the floor! Truly a surreal experience."

Secondly, this brief but rather brilliant response from a chap called Jason...

"My wife's high heels."

Well played Jason & Clare! A pair of Gandys flip flops in your chosen size are winging their way to you now.

(Psst...! Festival season's coming up, get your Gandys flip flops ready for summer here.)