Head of Storytelling

At Loaf we make insanely comfy sofas, beds and other laid-back wares that help people lead happier, more relaxed lives. And now, having reached £50m turnover, we're looking for one very clever creative person to join us on our journey to the next level.

Your job will be to come up with brilliant new ideas to market our products and develop our brand. And as a master wordsmith, you will put these ideas into words.

You will have a wide and exciting remit: from our next big ad campaign and videos, to conjuring up new product names; from nailing the details in every nook and cranny of our website, to finding ways of keeping our brochures engaging (don't worry, we only send out 6 million of these a year, so no pressure!). We'll simply want you to have fun with clever and interesting angles that keep people smiling.

Fancy some of this? If you're an insanely bright and leftfield creative marketer (or currently a copywriter that wants to step up a level) with a radar that's tuned into the slightly quirkier side of life, this might just be the thing for you.


  • Market our products brilliantly and keep our brand fresh
  • Play a lead role in defining the stories for new products so that we have a clear vision for every new collection and what makes each product special
  • Write the words that will bring these stories to life through interesting product descriptions, web copy, brochure copy and newsletters
  • Bounce ideas off our Creative teams to conceive cool new ways to communicate these stories across all marketing formats
  • Support our Training teams in creating info packs for new collections to ensure every customer-facing Loafer can clearly understand why each product is Loafy
  • Help define the concepts and ideas that will be used to continue the conversation with our customers or anyone exposed to our brand
  • Be a guardian for the brand, checking all marketing before it goes out to the world ensuring it's on-brand, on-message and free of typos and grammar errors


You absolutely have to have or be the following:

  • A proper wordsmith who has an ear for a great turn of phrase and a knack for witticisms and ironic British humour (it would be handy if you'd worked on some other relevant brands)
  • A top-notch understanding of the principles of writing brilliant copy that sells
  • A lateral thinker who can come up with an original perspective rather than the usual hackneyed route - and who can write copy that is interesting even when the subject isn't necessarily the most riveting
  • A penchant for funny stories and a radar that's tuned into the slightly quirkier side of life (so you need some good life experience and an interesting opinion on things)
  • Self-critical and confident enough to try out new ideas and cast most of them aside in order to find a gem
  • Emotionally intelligent with an ability to both laugh at yourself and charm others so you can influence both colleagues and customers
  • Complete mastery of the English language - and extremely fussy when it comes to spelling and grammar!
  • An appreciation that less is more with a willingness to put a red line through most of your work until you are truly happy with it
  • Happy working under pressure in a fast-paced environment (we know, everyone says that!), bringing a positive vibe to work every day no matter what curveballs are thrown
  • Always on the look-out to improve how things are done, challenging the status quo and never accepting second best
  • A real stickler for detail, understanding that the sum of every detail makes a huge difference

And, most importantly of all, you absolutely must be an all-round good egg, with a real can-do willingness to get on with the job and make great things happen

If this is you, don't delay, contact us today!

Loaf is an equal opportunities employer and we support diversity at all levels. We are committed to recruiting, retaining and developing all our Loafers regardless of their beliefs, age, disability, parental status, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation or any other characteristic that could be subject to discrimination. Applications are particularly welcome from BAME candidates.