Easy-Peasy sofa

Meet our sunny new stuff Meet our sunny new stuff

Complete with a spadeful of colour and buckets of squish!

Settle in with Smithy

We've amped up the cosy with a deep seat and our signature squish. Call it a laid-back classic.

Build your own lamp

Choose from two bases, four sizes and twelve vintage linen shades

Get creative

Order free swatches of our vintage linen and pick your perfect colour.

Places to plonk your cuppa

Serving suggestion: with a jolly nice slice of cake

It’s Easy-Peasy

Clue's in the name. Giving this squishy friend both a fixed seat and a fixed back means less plumping and more loafing. Simple as that.

Crank up the colour

We can picture the scene right now: beach huts and bicycles painted in warm pinks, bouncy blues and sunny yellows

Our lovely new Noggin bed

A beautifully simple Scandi frame topped with a squishy headboard for bedtime reading

Footstool or foldaway bed?

Our new Flip-Flop is a foldaway bed stashed inside a marshmallow-shaped footstool. Sweet!

A seriously squishy space-saver

Sleepovers might be on hold for now, but our new Slumberbox can be ready in a flash