I like having a gazillion mattress choices

No Loaf customer, ever.

We sell just five insanely comfy mattresses

The only ones that matter (unless you're after a water mattress, you old groover!)

Muffin Top Mattress
Muffin Top Mattress

Muffin Top mattress

If you fancy memory foam but don't want to sweat, this natural latex one is a firm but marshmallow-like slice of heaven.

Loaf mattresses are breathable

(unlike those unnatural memory foam jobbies!)

Mattress animation

100-night mattress trial

Try our mattresses out for 100 nights and if you're not happy (we're pretty sure you will be), let us know and we'll pick it up for free from your bedroom. No worries.

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What you really need to know

How we know our stuff

The truth is we didn't. So after 18 months testing hundreds of mattresses in our quest for marshmallow perfection, we found it just on our doorstep in Wiltshire (who'd have thought it?).